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Client List! Comments Off on Client List!

Client List!

Let us impress you with our client list of world class companies: Google, Coca-Cola, SalesForce, Grand & Toy, NHL Players from the Philadelphia Flyers, Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada, Koodo Mobile, CIBC, City of Toronto, Canada Computers and many more!

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Our Holiday Show! Comments Off on Our Holiday Show!

Our Holiday Show!

Add some Aloha to your holiday with authentic Hawaiian dance entertainment. Take your guests to the tropics for one evening and let them feel the Hawaiian heat.

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Toronto’s Hottest Hawaiian Show! Comments Off on Toronto’s Hottest Hawaiian Show!

Toronto’s Hottest Hawaiian Show!

Imagine your party with Hawaiian Hula, Tahitian and Samoan  dancers entertaining in a unique and exotic show.  The atmosphere will be rich with drum beats, fire and tanned skin beauties.

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Now, for a limited time only, experience big thrills and big savings on summer shows. Contact us for details.

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Our Fire Knife Warrior! Comments Off on Our Fire Knife Warrior!

Our Fire Knife Warrior!

As a climax to our Hawaiian show we visit Samoa where we feature our male fire warrior performing Polynesia’s most dangerous form of dance.

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Wooing Big Name Clients Comments Off on Wooing Big Name Clients

Wooing Big Name Clients

When Google and Coca-Cola planned a lu’au party to appreciate their employees this past summer they recruited Polynesian Dream to help make it happen.

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